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The BBW and the Space Lord: Tales from Alpha Sp...
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This humorous erotic adventure features a sassy BBW heroine, an alien hottie hero, outrageous action - and scorching, explicitly detailed love scenes that burn as hot as a supernova! Heather Holzengruber's world is a mess, all thanks to the Enpathians: a race of telepathic aliens who have invaded Earth and brainwashed most of the citizens into becoming happy little drones. She's lonely and feeling more than a little hopeless.... Until a certain dashing galactic crusader shows up. He is Gearon Teague, last lord of the Mekrons: seven feet tall, with wavy blue hair, electric violet eyes, and a perpetual smug smile. Heather is a big girl...But mighty Gearon has no problem manhandling her and carrying her off to his silver starship. Despite his arrogance, Heather is charmed by the alien lord's noble nature - and his huge hands that seem to know just how to touch her curvy body. Heather discovers that Gearon's starship is the key to defeating the Enpathian invaders. He needs a female copilot to be "bonded" to him though, in order unlock his most powerful weapon. The bonding is an intense mating ritual, a link of bodies and minds...Heather must decide how far she will submit to her alien lord in order to save the Earth - even if it means becoming "his" forever, with no turning back.... 1. Language: English. Narrator: Audrey Lusk. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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