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Valentine´s Hottie: Claire Madden

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Love, Hate, and Other Lies We Told , Hörbuch, D...
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Let go from her job and feeling lost, Navy Carrington takes a position as coffee girl at a publicity firm. Their newest client is Carrick Kennely, the former love of her life and her fiercest adversary. She thought she´d let go of the past by playing it safe with book boyfriends and avoiding frustratingly sexy guys like Carrick. When Navy´s roommate finds the Boyfriend Book, a silly relic leftover from Navy´s teens, it prompts a dare: Navy is to go on five dates and pick one to be her Valentine. Despite her reservations, she can´t say no, especially if it means proving to herself and Carrick that she can move on. Navy chronicles her brief romantic entanglements with the Hottie in 7G, the Man-Bun-Barista, the Gym Stud, and the Book Boyfriend who turns out to be a toad - not the kind that when kissed turns into a prince - on The Boyfriend Book Blog. She doesn´t want to let her readers or herself down, but as Valentine´s Day nears, none of the guys comes close to being her one true love. Except Carrick. He´s infuriating, attractive, confusing, catnip - and it turns out he has a secret. With a love letter and a plane ticket in hand, Navy leaves her baggage behind and must decide between love, hate, and the lies she told to protect her fragile heart. Told with humor and heart, Love, Hate, and Other Lies We Told may appeal to listeners who enjoy Alice Clayton, Sally Thorne, and Emily Giffin´s work. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Rachel Brandt. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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