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Sergeant Sexypants (Ponderosa Resort Romantic C...
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A 2019 RITA Award finalist! Bree Bracelyn doesn´t date cops. It´s a personal rule that quavers when Austin Dugan flashes his baby blues—and his badge—at Ponderosa Resort´s grand opening. Bree´s the family fixer, running the resort´s PR and her siblings´ lives with cheerful efficiency. But one thing in Bree´s past can´t ever be fixed, which is why she´s staying the hell away from Officer Hottie. Austin´s heart tacks up a wanted poster with Bree´s name the instant he lays eyes on her. Okay, the no-cops rule is an obstacle, but not impossible for a guy ambitious enough to be a shoo-in as the next police chief. Besides, he knows Bree´s into him, whether they´re flirting over weird flatware or getting frisky in the front seat of his vintage Volvo. As Bree and Austin bond over cupcakes and hot springs hookups, Bree knows it´s a matter of time before the skeletons in her closet topple into a messy heap on Austin´s squeaky-clean life. Is there hope for a happy ending, or will their love end up DOA?

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