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Movie Night Murder: Merry Wrath Mystery, Book 4...
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From USA Today best-selling author Leslie Langtry comes the latest laugh-out-loud Merry Wrath Mystery. Merry Wrath has seen dangers galore in her former job as a CIA field agent. But nothing has prepared her for this - an overnight Mommy and Me lock-in with her Girl Scout troop, complete with movies, dodgeball, four cats, a baby, and a dead body. When the mysterious corpse's identity is revealed, Merry and her former handler, Riley, realize they might have a domestic terrorist situation on their hands; one that needs to be diffused quickly before any more dead bodies appear. Merry once again calls on her former professional skills to track down a killer. Between a new hottie female medical examiner - who seems a bit too interested in Merry's boyfriend, Rex - the demanding President of the United States, the world's second largest snail collection, and an incident with pink hair dye, Merry has her work cut out for her. Can she stop an attack before it begins? Or will this be one movie night without a happy ending? 1. Language: English. Narrator: Bailey Carr. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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