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Madison´s Mess (Sea Shenanigans, #4) (eBook, ePUB)
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What could possibly go wrong when a Mermaid and a Werewolf are sent on a dangerous mission by the drunken, diaper-wearing God of the Sea? Better question. What could possibly go right? Madison Unlike my sisters, I haven´t found my HEA. And I´m looking—hard. But finding a man who wants to blowhole dive in Hawaii on the first date is more difficult than you might imagine. I´ve been forced to settle for a few meaningless orgasms with men who disappear when I suggest fun activities, like scaling twenty stories while blindfolded. Look, I know meaningless nookie won´t help me find my happily ever after, or even a guy who believes tightrope handstands over the Grand Canyon are fun. But there is someone out there for me so next time I do the horizontal mambo, it´s for keeps. May the gods help me. Well, me and whoever I boink next. Rick Being a Vegan Werewolf has its drawbacks. I´ve been exiled from my pack and even the petting zoo of deer, rabbits and raccoons I keep safely tucked away from my fellow Weres isn´t enough to banish the loneliness I feel. Talking to myself is becoming dangerous. Just two days ago out of stupefying boredom, I made a wager with myself that I could fly. It didn´t end well. Thankfully Poseidon is sending me on a mission. Unfortunately, it´s with a crazy Mermaid who has a worse reputation for death defying recreation than me. I have no clue what´s in store, but may the gods help me. Well, me and this swimming hottie, because I´m totally down.

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