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Hottie: Deer Creek, Book 1 , Hörbuch, Digital, ...
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Homeless and heartbroken, Phoebe Morris is having a rough day. The old Cadillac she purchased with the last of her money, a vehicle meant to get her two states over to start her new life, is on the fritz and stalling in the sweltering heat. With no cash to pay for the costly repairs, Phoebe would sooner take her chances and keep on driving than become a charity case for the hottie mechanic trying to keep her safe. A retired Navy SEAL, Dane West refuses to let the weary submissive that´s putt-putted her way into his life leave his garage in that deathtrap she calls a car. It´s too hot and too dangerous for the stubborn beauty to be stranded on the side of a desolate highway, and he´ll be damned if another woman in his care gets hurt by his failure to act. When a small tug on an engine cable ensures her stay - at least temporarily, Dane shows the lovely Miss Morris just how good a little TLC (and BDSM) can feel. 1. Language: English. Narrator: La Petite Mort, Ruby Rivers. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: 29.03.2019
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Madison´s Mess (Sea Shenanigans, #4) (eBook, ePUB)
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What could possibly go wrong when a Mermaid and a Werewolf are sent on a dangerous mission by the drunken, diaper-wearing God of the Sea? Better question. What could possibly go right? Madison Unlike my sisters, I haven´t found my HEA. And I´m looking—hard. But finding a man who wants to blowhole dive in Hawaii on the first date is more difficult than you might imagine. I´ve been forced to settle for a few meaningless orgasms with men who disappear when I suggest fun activities, like scaling twenty stories while blindfolded. Look, I know meaningless nookie won´t help me find my happily ever after, or even a guy who believes tightrope handstands over the Grand Canyon are fun. But there is someone out there for me so next time I do the horizontal mambo, it´s for keeps. May the gods help me. Well, me and whoever I boink next. Rick Being a Vegan Werewolf has its drawbacks. I´ve been exiled from my pack and even the petting zoo of deer, rabbits and raccoons I keep safely tucked away from my fellow Weres isn´t enough to banish the loneliness I feel. Talking to myself is becoming dangerous. Just two days ago out of stupefying boredom, I made a wager with myself that I could fly. It didn´t end well. Thankfully Poseidon is sending me on a mission. Unfortunately, it´s with a crazy Mermaid who has a worse reputation for death defying recreation than me. I have no clue what´s in store, but may the gods help me. Well, me and this swimming hottie, because I´m totally down.

Stand: 13.05.2019
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