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Sexually Explicit Tales: The Author´s Fifty-Som...
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The women appearing in these erotic stories are all very nice ladies as well as very good friends of the writer. But then, you already know that from previous books.He loves and respects all the nice ladies depicted in her very own sex story. You already know that as well because he´s told you so a million times.This book is somewhat different in that the women having sex with the author are slightly older than their predecessors. This group of 9 have all reached the ripe old age of 50. Nonetheless, the babe depicted in each story is just as passionate and loving as the hottie who came before her. Beverly W, Pat L, Loretta H, Cathy P, Elva R, Dianne S, Mila L, Jessica C, and Linda R, are no different from the others when it comes to cumming as those before her did.Told in almost 15,000 words, this vile collection of 8 erotic stories are all meant to excite men to erection, as well as moisten the panties of most women. We believe they accomplish exactly that. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Jim Masters. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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